Reduce Phone Costs by 40%+

Prodosec's cloud based hosted PBX systems can reduce phone expenses by 40% or more for most small and medium sized businesses.

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Improve Productivity

Improve productivity and enhance customer interactions with all the features of a large corporate phone system

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Fully Supported Solutions

Prodosec has been providing phone services since 2004.  Our solutions are engineered to high availablility and come fully supported

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Develop Your Business as a Prodosec Sales Partner

Prodosec is looking for independent  sales partners.  Our partners can expand their existing services to include hosted PBX applications for small and medium sized Canadian enterprises

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Case Studies

  • Moving to a new office, we were faced with major expenses to move our old phone system and rewire the new office. Moving over to a VoIP system from Prodosec provided a brand new phone system with modern features for less than the cost of moving the old system. Our phone bill had been well over $400 per month. Now we have a fixed monthly charge that is all inclusive, of less than half that amount. Owner of Travel AgentMontreal
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