The end user is able to view their call history, change voicemail settings and control call forward and follow me settings from a user portal.


If this feature is enabled, your system administrator will supply you with the URL, login and password to use these features





Call History


Select the from and t dates, and click on select to see your call history.  The history can be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet



This allows the user to change the voicemail PIN.Other options are:

  • Notify of new voicemail by email with the address
  • Select if the voicemail is attached as a wav file
  • Choose if the message is deleted after notification, or if it is left to also be retrieved on the phone
  • A secondary email address can also be set

Call Forwarding


This enables calls to be forwarded:

  • To voicemail if not answered
  • Forward all calls
  • Forward calls when busy

Call forwarding - Find me/Follow Me


This option allows calls allows users to call a cellphone as well as the office phone:

  • This can be set just for listed callerids
  • There are various options on which phones ring, for how long  and in what order
    • Can ring the cellphone and the deskphone
    • Just the cellphone
    • Ring the phone and if not answered, try the cellphone
  • Can ring all at once or one after the other
  • The times when the followme works can be selected
  • Call confirm acceptance will ask the recipient to press 1 before the call is connected.  This will ensure that calls are not picked up by the cell voicemail.  If this option is enabled, the user will also have to press 1 when receiving calls on the office phone.