Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Technology
  • 1. What is a hosted PBX?

    A hosted PBX is an advanced fully featured business phone system.  The system is located in one of our high availability data centres, and the phones connect to the system over the internet.  The customer does not need to make the large investment to purchase and install their own on site system.  A separate maintenance contract is not required for any moves, adds and changes.   The hosted system is fully supported by our technicians. 

  • 2. Will this work with my existing phones?

    If you already have a VoIP phone system, we can probably reprogram your phones. 

    If you already have an older analog PBX (eg Nortel Norstar, Mitel) , we are not able to use the existing phones which use incompatible obsolete technology.

    In some cases, we are able to use regular analog phones through an ATA (analog terminal adaptor), but generally VoIP phones will open up the additional functionality of the system, and are relatively inexpensive.

  • 3. Will I save Money?

    In general,hosted PBX services will be cheaper than installing an onsite system using traditional analog copper lines from Bell or Telus. In addition, our hosted PBX services will usually have increased functionality and flexibility improving business productivity.

  • 4. What sort of Internet Connection do I Need?

    You will need a reliable high speed internet connection.  We recommend 100k of upload and download capacity for each simultaneous conversation, which leaves a safe margin of error.  In most cases, the upload speed on cable and DSL high speed internet is the limiting factor.

    Most Cable /DSL internet services have a much higher download speed than upload, so it is usually the upload speed that is the limiting factor.  Older Cable/DSl services generally had an upload speed of 600-800kb/s.  This would support 6-8 conversations for voice based on the 100k rule if the internet connection was dedicated to voice calls.  In a business environment where the internet connection is shared betwen the VoIP traffic and general office internet use, we would reduce this by a factor of 2 resulting in   3-4 channels (simultaneous calls).

    Many business internet connections now have 2-4mb upload speed or higher, which would typically support 20 channels of voice calls and business internet traffic.

  • 5. I have Used Skype and the Voice Quality Wasn't Very Good. Will my hosted PBX Call quailty be as Good as my Analog Lines?

    Many of our customers come to use having had bad experiences with other VoIP solutions.  For high quality VoIP you will need a reliable internet connection, and dependable hosted PBX supplier.

    Assuming that you have a decent internet connection  (see "What sort of Internet Connection do I Need?", our network is engineered so that calls  have comparable voice quality to analog lines from Bell or Telus.  

  • 6. Do you offer 911 Service?

    VoIP providers are mandated by the CRTC to offer 911 service.  VoIP technology offers 911 service which differs from the traditional 911 services on landlines.    Prodosec maintains your physical address in our system. 911 emergency calls are routed to a national call centre where callers are asked to confirm the physical address on file before being transferred to the closest emergency access point. This process will take more time than calling from a traditional landline where the location is already known.

  • About Prodosec
  • 1. Who is Prodosec?

    Prodosec inc, is a Montreal based VoIP provider.  Founded in 2004, the companhy specialises in VoIP services for Canadian small and medium sized enterprises.

  • 2. Are Prodosec's services really unlimited?

    Our services are unlimited for regular business use.  This excludes extensions used for outbound telemarketing, which has an additional monthy charge.  Outbound telemarketing has much higher use than regular business use, and so adding a per extension premium for telemarketing enables us to keep costs down for the majority of our users.

  • 3. Why does Prodosec only sell to Canadian customers?

    Prodosec Inc  has direct connections to then major Canadian telcos, and so we can guarantee call quality to business customers in Canada.     We do however offer US DIDs to our Canadian customers for their convenience.

  • Configuration
  • 1. Can I have more than one phone number?

    Yes.  You can have as many inbound numbers  as you need. Many customers have addiitonal numbers in other cities to locally serve customers, or direct dial numbers to employees or departments.

  • 2. Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

    Yes.  In most cases, we can port in your existing numbers.  We have an online tool to lookup your number.  You complete a form and submit along with a copy of a recent invoice.  The process typically takes 7-10 business days if all of the documentation is in order. 

  • 3. Do you offer toll free numbers?

    Yes we do.  There is an additional per minute charge for inbound calls.

  • Ordering & Billing
  • 1. How do I Order?

    You can get an instant quote online and register  from there.  We will then contact you to ensure that we have the correct solution for you.

  • 2. Can I test the Quality of the Service?

    Theer is no setup charge for our services, and we do not have a long term contract.  You will not be invoices for services until they are fully functional.

  • 3. How do I pay?

    We accept Visa and Mastercard.  Post payment by cheque is available for large accounts

  • 4. How Does Billing Work?

    We invoice on the first day of each month for the service for that month, and any per minute changes that may be billable in the previous month?