Installation of a VoIP phone just requires a network connection with access to the public internet.


2 Internet Connections to Desktop

Offices that have been wired more recently will probably have 2 separate internet connections to each desktop.  This is the ideal setup, and allows a separate connection to the phone and PC.



Single Internet Connections to Desktop

Older office wiring usually had one cat5 connection for a PC to each desktop, and a phone jack.  The wiring for the phone jack is not compatible with VoIP technology.  However, your VoIP phone has the ability to share the connection with a PC.  There is a PC jack on the back of the phone that can be used to connect to a computer. 

The phone would still be able to be powered from the POE switch.  The downside of sharing the connection is that there are 2 wires runing into the phone instead of 1, and that if the phone needs to reboot for any reason, the PC wouold briefly lose its internet connection.