Prodosec is in the final Beta testing phase of implementing SMS text messaging on our DIDs.  This feature is available on 95% of our local inbound DIDs. SMS messaging is not available on toll free numbers.   An SMS message can be received by a standard DID and forwarded to an email address.  A separate email address can be programmed for each DID.

The recipient of an SMS email can either send a reply email, or enter a chat client to have a text conversation.

Following beta testing, we expect to add functionality enabling users to initiate outbound SMS messages.  There is currently no charge for sending or receiving SMS messages for reasonable business use.  (Reasonable use excludes use for contests, voting or outbound telemarketing)

To use SMS messaging on your DID:

  • Contact Prodosec support  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request to have an email address associated with a DID. If SMS is not currently available on your DID, you will be notified. (Online access will be available to wholesale and SIP trunk customers to maintain their  DIDs following beta testing.  )
  • When an SMS message  is received by your DID, you will receive an email message.  You can reply either by replying to the email, or entering a chat client.  The email will look like this:


  •  If you enter the chat client, just enter your reply and click on "Say"


  • If you use the chat client, any SMS message from the same sender will be directed to the chat client and will not be sent as emails for 2 hours.  After that time, they will be sent as email messages once again