Prodosec's hosted PBX includes all of the features that would normally be only available on large corporate phone systems for one low all inclusive monthly charge.  Major  capital investment to purchase and install a phone switch on site is not necessary, and the solution is fully supported by our technical team


Spider FAQ

  • 1. Unlimited Calling with North America

    Prodosec's PBX services include unlimited calling within North America.  This excludes calls to Hawaii, Alaska and NWT/Yukon.  An additional charge applies for use for outbound telemarketing .

  • 2. Voice Menus

    Voice menus (also known as auto attendant or IVR -Interactive Voice Response) enable calls to be answered automatically, played a recorded message and transfer calls based on the caller's choices.  For example, 'Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounting, Press 3 for Support"

  • 3. Simultaneous Ringing

    Also known as Simring, or Follow Me.  In addition to ringing the main office phone, a cell phone can also ring at the same time and the call would be handled by whichever device answers first.  This is useful for sales or support employees who never want to miss a call when outside the office.  The feature can be managed by the user through a web interface to control the number that is called.

  • 4. Voicemail to Email

    This feature delivers voicemail messages as an email .wav file attachment.  This is particularly convenient for users with smartphones, eliminating the need to call in every time a voicemail is received.  Voicemail attachments can be forwarded for action by another employee, or filed.

  • 5. Fax to Email

    'Fax to email' delivers incoming faxes sent to a regular fax number as a PDF email attachment.  Faxes can quickly be routed to the correct employee.  Mobile sales users find it particularly convenient to receive faxed orders on their smartphones when out of the office.

  • 6. Music on Hold

    Customers can choose the music that is played to callers when on hold.  The music can be specific to  one customer, including special messages that can be played in particular situations when callers are on hold.

  • 7. Dial by Name Directory

    When calls are handled by the auto attendant, callers can  use the dial by name directory to choose the correct extension by entering the first few letters of the first or last name of the employee using the telephone keypad.  Once a match is found, the employee name is announced before the transfer.

  • 8. Conference Calling (Phone feature)

    Conference calls can be made using the conference feature on the VoIP phone.  Generally the maximum number of calls in the conference is the number of lines the phone has +1.

  • 9. Conference Bridge

    A conference bridge is useful for telephone meetings involving several callers.  Each caller dials into the conference bridge number and enters a passcode to join the conference.  The chairperson of the conference can control when callers are admitted.  This feature is ideal for telephone meetings involving multiple locations.

  • 10. Call Transfer

    Calls can be transferred from phones to other extensions or external numbers.

  • 11. Call Recording

    Calls can be recorded for access using a web interface.  This feature can be particularly useful for call centres, sales offices, travel agents and market research firms. 

    Calls can be reviewed for quality control, or accessed to resolve customer disputes and credit card chargebacks.  An additional charge may apply for this feature

  • 12. Call Parking

    Calls for another user can be "parked" , and then picked up from another extension.  As an example, and inbound call may be picked up by the receptionist.  The receptionist may park the call and then page for the recipient to pickup the call.

  • 13. Paging

    In a larger office, the paging feature can be used to locate employees.  Several paging groups can be setup covering groups of phones. A user can dial the paging group and broadcast a message through the speaker of all the phones in the paging group.

    For larger locations such as a warehouse, an external  paging unit can also be installed.


  • 14. SMS / Text Messaging

    Prodosec's business phone numbers are SMS compatible.  SMS messages sent to the numbers are received as email message, with the capability to reply to the message or even enter a "chat" .  A convenient way for your customers to get in touch when on the move.

  • 15. Mobile Phone App

    Always stay connected using a mobile phone app.  Send and receive calls using your office PBX from your smartphone, avoiding roaming charges when travelling and accessing the full office phone features.

  • 16. Ring Groups

    Setup groups for call handling.  The phones in the group can either all ring at the same time, or in a predetermined sequence.  Handy for sales teams or support groups that never want to miss a call.

  • 17. Call Queues

    For larger call centres with multiple agents, call queues efficiently handle high inbound call volume.  Callers can be placed into queues, played messages while on hold and the expected wait time and position.   Agents can be logged into multiple queues based on skills or language.  (An additional monthly charge may apply for queuing features.)

  • 18. Time Based Routing

    Calls can be programmed for handling based on the time of day.  For example, during business hours, calls would be transferred to extensions.  Outside business hours, calls could be transferred to external number (a cell phone or answering service)

  • 19. Numbers in Other Cities

    External phone numbers can be added to the system in other cities all over North America.  Customers can avoid long distance charges by calling your local number in their city.  Prodosec can even add numbers in international cities around the world.

  • 20. Set Callerid Name and Number

    For outbound calls, the callers callerid name and number can be set.  Ideal for businesses with multiple divisions with some shared functions.  As an example, a shared accounting department can choose to call out using the callerid name and number of Company A or Company B depending on the purpose of the call.

  • 21. Operator Panel

    The web based operator panel enables users to see which extensions are in use.  If the phone is in use, calls details are displayed including the type of call (in/out), the other number  and the duration of the call.  Useful for receptionists, numbers can be displayed from multiple locations on the same panel.

  • 22. BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)

    BLF keys can be programmed on some phones to show if an extension is in use, and can also be used as a speeddial key to call or tranfer calls to the extension.  BLF keys are particularly useful for a receptionist.  Up to 128 BLF keys can be added to some phone models using  extension modules.