a.    Accessing Your Voicemail

Your Voicemail can be accessed in 3 ways:

i.    From your own phone dial *98.  
ii.    From your own phone, dial your own extension number.
iii.    Pressing the MESSAGE button on your phone
iv.  Dialing your own extension from another phone or from outside, and pressing * during the voice message


b.    Changing Voicemail Password

If no password was specified in your setup documentation, you will be notified of a temporary setup passsword.  You should change this the first time you access your voicemail.

i.    Enter the voicemail system as in section a
ii.    Enter the temporary setup passsword
iii.    Select Option 0
iv.    Select Option 5 to password change
v.    Enter new password

c.    Recording Greetings

i.    Enter your mailbox as in section a
ii.    Select option 0 for mailbox options
iii.    Select option 1 to record voicemail greeting

d.    Recording Your Name
i.    Enter your mailbox as in section 2a
ii.    Select option 5 for advanced options
iii.    Record your name.  Select 3

e.    Playing Back New Voicemail
i.    Enter your mailbox as in section a
ii.    To check new messages, select option 1 or press2 forsaved messages.  During message playback, you can use the following commands:

1 - Skip ahead during header

2 - Return to beginning of current message

3 - Advanced options

1 - Send a reply (by voice mail)

2 - Call the current message sender

3 - Play the current message envelope

4 - Go to previous message

5 - Repeat message

6 - Go to next message

7 - Delete/undelete message

8 - Forward message

9 - Save message