a.    Accessing Your Voicemail

Your Voicemail can be accessed in 3 ways:

i.    From your own phone dial *98.  
ii.    From your own phone, dial your own extension number.
iii.    Pressing the MESSAGE button on your phone

b.    Changing Voicemail Password

If no password was specified in your setup documentation, you will be notified of a temporary setup passsword.  You should change this the first time you access your voicemail.

i.    Enter the voicemail system as in section a
ii.    Enter the temporary setup passsword
iii.    Select Option 0
iv.    Select Option 5 to password change
v.    Enter new password

c.    Recording Greetings

i.    Enter your mailbox as in section a
ii.    Select option 0 for mailbox options
iii.    Select option 1 to record voicemail greeting

d.    Recording Your Name
i.    Enter your mailbox as in section 2a
ii.    Select option 5 for advanced options
iii.    Record your name.  Select 3

e.    Playing Back New Voicemail
i.    Enter your mailbox as in section a
ii.    To check new messages, select option 1 or press2 forsaved messages.  During message playback, you can use the following commands:

1 - Skip ahead during header

2 - Return to beginning of current message

3 - Advanced options

1 - Send a reply (by voice mail)

2 - Call the current message sender

3 - Play the current message envelope

4 - Go to previous message

5 - Repeat message

6 - Go to next message

7 - Delete/undelete message

8 - Forward message

9 - Save message