UC Office Manager – Dialplan

It is recommended to use either 3 or 4 digit extensions.  Results with 2 digits may be unpredictable. With the exception of some specific numbers (eg 411,611) , the users and other items can be numbers almost anywhere, but for consistency, the following is recommended: 100 – 599 Users extensions (Except 311,411) 600 – 630 […]

UC Office Manager – Feature Codes

The most commonly used end user features are included in our knowledge baser for users Tips and Tricks Star Code Feature Description *** Dynamically Park a Call (in the 701-709 range) *{parking lot} Park a Call (to a specified park ext) *35{ext} Extension Pickup – Answer a Call that is ringing at another extension *36 […]

UC Office Manager – Call Park Feature

The call park feature uses a special type of call queue to allow calls to be parked by one user, and be picked up by another.  Typically, a receptionist would answer a call and identify who the caller would like to connect to. The receptionist would then  ‘park’  the call in a parking lot and […]

UC Office Manager – Advanced Yealink Phone Programming

In most cases, we recommend using Yealink phones.  The UC platform allows programming of all Yealink functions. Programming the DSS Keys The ‘button builder’ easily allows configuration of the DSS programmable keys.  Each Key can programmed as: Setting Description Line Appearance A phone extension that allows the user to receive and make calls.  All phones […]

UC Office Manager – Timeframe Override Toggle

The Time Frame Toggle feature can be enabled on the phone, enabling individual users to manage the active timeframe used in their answering rules. The phone button will show as a green when the answering rule is enabled, and red when the answering rule is disabled. It is not currently possible to use this feature […]

UC Office Manager – ReachUC Mobile Apps

The ReachUC Apps allow full unified communications on the move.  With versions for IOS, Android, Windows and Mac the features include: Make and receive voice calls on your office account Control your office answering rules and callerid Transfer and conference calling Presence Send and receive SMS Simple login All users have access to the ReachUC […]

UC Office Manager – Managing Voicemail

Voicemail Concepts Most users will have a voicemail enabled, excluding common areas. We find most users prefer to have the voicemail delivered by email, and then deleted.  This prevents receiving the same message twice. Voicemail transcription is available as an option at additional cost. General voicemail boxes can be setup, and monitored from several phones […]

UC Office Manager – 11 Inventory: Phone Hardware

Managing Phone Hardware The Phone Hardware tab allows you to filter, add, edit, and export information about the phone hardware in your system. Filtering Phone Hardware Using the Filter button, you can filter phone hardware and view only the phones of interest to you. From the Phone Hardware tab, click the Filters button. The Phone Hardware […]

UC Office Manager – 10 Inventory: Routing Incoming Phone Numbers

The Inventory tab allows you to manage phone numbers, and phone hardware. Phone Numbers allows you to filter, edit, and export phone numbers. Phone Hardware allows you to filter, add, edit, and export information about phone hardware. Filtering Phone Numbers Using the Filter button, you can filter phone numbers Editing Phone Numbers To edit phone […]

UC Office Manager – 9 Music On Hold

Click the Music On Hold icon on the menu bar. Playing a track as music on hold is considered as commercial use of the music.  You are not permitted to upload copyright material, even if you have purchased it for personal use.  There are a couple of options: Purchase a license to play copyright music from […]