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Softphone Pro – Adding Contacts

Adding contacts in Softphone Pro will make transferring calls easier, and also allow the user to see if an extension is currently in use.

Adding a New Contact

  1. Click on the Contacts section
  2. Click Add Contact
  3. Add the Contact Details
    1. Name
    2. Contact numbers.  For an internal extension, add just the extension number
    3. Check “Transfer Calls to this Contact” if this us a user that you expect to transfer calls to.  This will make the process quicker.
    4. If this is an internal extension, check “Enable Presence Indication (BLF)”.  This will allow you to see if the extension is in user
      1. Enter the extension number as the SIP User
    5. Click Save

Right click on the contact to edit.

In the Contacts section, you can now identify extensions that are in use by the red circle

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Using Softphone Pro