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Advanced Calling Features

Some additional advanced calling features are available on your phone system.  Contact technical support to find out more about these features and to have them activated on your system

  • Ring groups:  Ring several extensions at the same time, or in sequence
  • Time/day based routing:  Route calls based on the timeor day or day of week
  • Conference bridges:  Enable callers to call in, and enter passcode to enter conference call.  Useful for sales meetings, customer calls involving multiple locations
  • Direct dial number:  Additional phone numbers to enable customer to call directly to an individual or group.  Numbers can be located anywhere in N. America
  • Paging between extensions
  • BLF Keys (Busy lamp fields):  A speed dial key can be programmed so the button indicates if another extension is in use (green if available, red if in use) , as well as functioning as speed dial button to that extension.
  • Softphones:  PC or smartphone applications that can function as an extension.