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Call Parking – Yealink Cordless – PBX17

Sometimes during a call, users may want to transfer the call to another user but are unsure where that person is located.  The solution to this is to ‘Park’ the call and then allow the other user to retrieve it.



During a call, press the OPTIONS key.





Use the arrow keys to scroll down to CALL PARK and press OK.  The location where the call has been parked will be announced.  The parking spots are filled in order starting at 701


The call can be retieved using another cordless phone by dialing the parking location (usually this would be 701)


After 90 seconds in the parking spot, the call will return to the extension from which it was parked by ringing the phone.  This prevents calls being parked indefinitely.


The call can also be retrieved from a Yealink desk phone.  In this case, the key with the parked call will have gone from green to red.  Just press this key to connect to the parked caller