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How to Disable SIP ALG

Some routers have a SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway) function that is intended to facilitate VoIP connections.  Poor implementation of the feature means that in most cases, this does the exact opposite and prevents VoIP calls.  We recommend disabling SIP ALG if your router has it.  If you need help with your particular router, contact

To disable SIP ALG on some common small business routers:


TP Link

From the Security->Basic security tab, disable SIP ALG




From the WAN setup, check the box to DISABLE SIP ALG


From the VoIP settings tab 1) Check the box to Enable Consistemt NAT and 2) Uncheck the box to disable SIP transformation



The D-Link implementation of SIP ALG is one of the most problematic.  From the Firewall settings Tab 1) Uncheck box to disable SPI and 2) Uncheck box to disable SIp Application Layer Gateway

Cisco / Linksys

Choose Administration->Management tab.  Check Disable SIP ALG


Rogers / Hitron

Some Rogers modem-router units from Hitron come with SIP ALG enabled.  Logging in to the router does not allow the end user to disable it.  However Rogers tech support are able to disable SIP ALG if the customer calls them.