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Sending a PDF File as a Fax – PBX17

Note:  This feature needs to be enabled on your account.

It is possible to send a pdf file by email, that will then be transmitted as a fax to a fax number.  This is useful for users who send the occasional fax, and don’t want to have the expense of a dedicated fax line for a physical fax machine.

To set this up, we will need to add the emails of the authenticated users who may want to send a fax.

  1. Prepare the pdf file.  Make sure that the document is for letter size paper.
  2. Send it by email from an email account that has been authenticated to where 5147872030 is the 10 digit destination fax number (we will provide the full address to authenticated users)
  3. You will receive email confirmations on the status of your fax.