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Zoiper Softphone Installation

A softphone allows users to use their PC with a  headset or built in Mic and speakers as an extension to their office phone system.


Getting Started

In order to use a softphone, you will need to contact technical support.  A special extension needs to be configured, and you will be provided with the following parameters to configure the device:

  • Hostname (the domain)
  • username
  • Password
  1. Download the Zoiper App
    This is free to use with the basic functionality that you need, and can be up upgraded for additional features.
  2. select the Free Version

  1.  Click on the download to start installation

    1. Accept the agree,emt
    2. Add shortcut
    3. Use suggested installation directory
    4. 64 bit version
    5. All users
  1. Once Installed you can Start the Configuration
    1. Open the app
    2. Select “continue as free user”
    3. Allow firewall access if requested
  2. Enter the username and password supplied and Login

  1. Enter the Hostname supplied

  1. Skip the step asking if your provider requires an authentication username or outbound proxy
  2. It will now validate the information you have entered.  IF everything has been entered correctly, you will see the SIP UDP section turn green

  1. You will now be able to setup the audio settings for your particular device.  You can choose whether to use a USB headset or the built in microphone and speaker.  You can change these settings later by clicking on the small gear on the main page
  2. Using Zoiper
    1. When your softphone is connected, you will see a small green checkmark in the top left corner.

    1. You will hear a ringtone and a pop up when you have an incoming

    1. To make a call,click on the small dialpad and dial the number in the same way you would with your office phone