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Softphone Pro – User Guide

Make sure you have completed Installation of Softphone Pro, and added Contacts

Making A Call

  1. Enter the number by clicking on the keys, or using the keyboard.  Dial by either pressing the green button or hitting enter.
  2. When the call has connected, the floating window will appear with the various options:

Active Calls Window

Activate the active calls window by clicking on the icon to see the calls in process including calls on hold.

Transfer a Call

There are two types of call transfer:

  • Blind transfer – immediately passes a call to a contact you’ve selected
  • Attended transfer – you are first connected to a contact, so you can ensure he or she answers or to pass along information. The original call can then be transferred at any time.

In the Settings-> SIP Accounts  tab, you can select the default option that you prefer

Blind Transfer (Transfer Now)

    1. Click the Transfer call button in the Floating Window
    2. Transfer call popup dialog window menu will appear. It has several elements.
    3. Сall transfer menu breakdownUse the input field to search in your contact list or to dial a phone number. The call will be transferred to that number if you press Enter. (Contacts with Transfer calls to this contact flag are listed here.)
    4. Transfer now corresponds to Blind Transfer


Attended Transfer (Call First)

  1. Click the Transfer call button in the Floating Window
  2. Click Call first, if it wasn’t picked by default
  3. Pick Call firstPick a contact for transfer from transfer contacts list, or use input field to search the list. You can also type in transfer number in the input field  and press Enter.
  4. The app will put active call on hold and call the contact you’ve chosen for attended transfer.
  5. Don’t hang up after finishing the call with coworker. Click the Transfer call button in the Active Calls window.
  6. Transfer the call on holdChoose active call in call transfer menu. The call on hold will end and transfer to coworker’s number.Transfer the call to active call

Full details on using all Softphone Pro features can be found here