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UC – Sending a Fax from Your User Portal

Users can send a pdf file as a fax from their user portal.  This is an optional feature.  If you do not see this option in your user portal, please contact your system administrator.

From the fax tab, select “Send Fax”

Sending a Fax


Setting Description
Cover Page Options None- Will just send the file contents

Compose – Add text for the cover page

File – Upload a cover sheet

Fax Document Select the file to upload.  We strongly recommend using pdf format for predictable results.
Callerid Select the callerid number.  Will show any fax enabled numbers on your account, of  ‘0000000000’ to hide the callerid
Phone Number Enter the 10 or 11 digit number to fax.  International faxing is not available at this time.

You can monitor the status of sent faxes by selecting the ‘sent’ folder in the top left.  When the message is sent, you will receive an email conformation and be able to see the status changed to “Delivered”.  The user can also download or view the sent file.