Fanvil PA2S Paging Adaptor




The Fanvil PA2S is a well priced and very versatile unit that can solve various paging problems.  The unit is POE powers, and can power a speaker for a small area without any additional power. The unit can also feed a paging amplifier for larger areas, and send and receive multicast paging on the local network.

Use Case 1 – Standalone Paging Unit

The PA2S feeds into either a speaker for low power applications,  or a paging amplifier to cover a wide area such as a warehouse.  With a  SIP extension, users can dial into an extension number which will allow paging into the speakers or amplifier

Use Case 2 – Multicast Paging Unit

Unit can be added to multicast paging group, allowing phones to page to the speakers or horns as well as other phones.

Use Case 3 – Multicast Relay 

In some situations, users may want to page devices that are not on the same LAN.  For example,  users in an office may need to page employees in a warehouse in a different location.  Multicast paging would not work in this situation.  The PA2S allows the remote users to dial an extension, the unit will answer and relay the paging onto the local LAN multicasting to local devices as well as the speakers.

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