Selecting the Right Desk Phone

Our standard desk phones are from Yealink.  We have found Yealink produce very reliable phones with excellent performance and features.  We are able to program all aspects of the phones remotely to support users and customise settings to meet specific needs.

Current Models

What Features Do you need

How Many Programmable Keys do Users Need?

The programmable keys allow users to quickly access the functionality of the phone.  How many keys the phone has is probably the most important factor when selecting a device to meet the needs of different users in an organisation.

How Many Keys are Required for Functions

How Many Keys do Different Types of User Need

Phone Features

In most cases, 2 lines is enough.
A larger screen is obviously easier to read, but a mono screen is good for most users. The colour touch screen is very handy when there are lot of users on the system to see status using BLFs.
All of our desk phones have a speakerphone. The audio quality is higher on the larger phones (T43/T48)
All of our desk phones have passthrough ports to allow a PC to share an internet connection with the phone. 100mb passthrough would limit the internet speed of an attached PC. Many office networks now work at GigE, so this is preferred if you will share the connection.
A USB port can be used for charging a device, for a wifi or bluetooth dongle, or for a Yealink long range wireless headset.
Optional dongle for USB port to add wifi functionality. Wired connections are recommended wherever possible for best reliability.
with an optional dongle for USB, you can use a bluetooth headset.
All of our desk phones can use a standard wired headset with an RJ9 jack. Units with a USB port can use a DECT Yealink cordless headset with long range.
The Yealink T48 can have additional expansions modules adding 40 programmable keys for large systems.
Some models require an optional bracket for wall mounting.


Quantities are limited.  Discontinued and refurbished models come with full warranty.