UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – 5 Configuring Phones

From the Users page, click the Phones tab.

Associating Phones with This User

To associate phones with this user:

  1. Click the Add Phone button. The Add a Phone pop-up window appears.


Setting Description
Phone Suffix Add a letter that will identify the device.  For the first phone, use the device without a letter.  Add a letter (a-l) for subsequent phones.  There is no need to add a phone for the mobile apps.  By default, these will use the ‘m’ suffix.
Record Calls Select whether calls will be recorded (Yes or No).  See call recording for more details
Model Select the telephone model. The remaining settings in the window change depending on the model selected.
MAC Address Enter the MAC address of the device
Line Number In most cases, the Line number will be 1

Editing Phones

To edit a phone associated with this user:

  • From the Phones tab, either:
    – Click a name
    – Hover over a name, and then click the icon at the far right of the page.
  • To edit the buttons on the phone, click on the gears icon to enter the Button Builder

  • The functions of each button can be selected here.
  • For advanced options, click onicon.  It is possible to enter directly configuration commands.  See Advanced Yealink programming for more details


Users can select the directory source. All contacts is the standard setting (Shared and user specific contacts).  It is also possible just to show just the user’s specific contacts, favourites, just system users or departments.  See Managing Contacts and Directories for how to setup the shared contacts

On the right hand side, the directory selected can be further edited.  Clicking on the ‘eye’ icon can hide an item from the directory.