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Dialing a Number

Numbers should be dialed as follows:

  • North American numbers can be dialed as either 10 or 11 digits :  eg 5141234567 or 15141234567.  There is no need to dial a 9 in front of outside numbers. 
  • International numbers should be dialed with the prefix 011 followed by the country code.  In most cases, the first 0 of the local number should not be dialed.  For example, to dial the number 44 020 7493 8000 in the UK (country code 44), this should be dialed as 011 44 2074938000. 
  • International dialing needs to be enabled for users.  In some cases, a  security code may be required to dial numbers that are in locations that are very expensive to dial.  This is for the protection of our customers.
  • Internal extensions can be dialed using the 3 digit extension number.
  • In the case of an emergency, dial 911
  • You can hide your callerid by dialing *67 before the number. For example, *675141234567 .