Next Generation Phone and PC App

In 2023, we introduced the ConnectUC smartphone and PC apps and we will be retiring the previous ReachUC apps by June 30th.

  • IOS, Android and PC/Mac versions.
  • Improved audio
  • Integration with your personal contacts
  • SMS messaging
  • PC/Mac can run in browser window, or installed as a PWA (progressive web app)

The product is continually evolving with new features:

  • Chat between users *
  • Video calling between users *
  • Control of user answering rules, and timeframes *
*  PC/Mac only on latest release.  Coming soon to mobile.

Getting Started with ConnectUC

ConnectUC uses the same user and password as ReachUC.  If you have forgotten your password, contact for a password reset.

On a smartphone, ReachUC and ConnectUC should not be used at the same time.  We recommend uninstalling ReachUC before installing ConnectUC.

Download and installation instructions can be found here.