Yealink WH62 Cordless Headset – Mono With Dongle




The Yealink WH62 is a new entry-level DECT wireless headset, with WH62 Dual and WH62 Mono two models. It work seamlessly with our Yealink models. For crystal sound experience, Yealink  Super Wideband Technology and Acoustic Shield Technology make you talk and hear clearly during phone calls.

With easily on-ear control, the user can answer calls and easily mute the microphone by lifting the microphone.

With 13 hours of talk time and 90 hours standby battery time, this unit is designed for someone who wants to stay in touch away from their phone.

The range is up to 160m in ideal conditions, but this would be reduced by obstructions such as walls and racking,

The unit is available in mono or binaural format.  The single mono headphone is ideal for an environment where the user wants to interact with others, as well as caller.  The binaural headphones will shut out much of the background environmental noise.  The two microphones includes noise cancelling technology.

There are variants that just have a USB dongle on the phone, and a charging cable.  A premium variant has a stand that the headset rests on that charges the unit, and has the USB connection.

WH62 Cordless Headset – Mono With Dongle

WH62 Cordless Headset – Dual With Dongle  (Binaural)

WH62 Cordless Headset – Mono With Stand

WH62 Cordless Headset – Dual With Dongle  (Binaural)