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UC Apps – ConnectUC for PC/Mac

ConnectUC is the latest app for Windows and MAC users.  The app was released in September 2023, and will replace the ReachUC desktop app.  Features include:

  • Make and receive call exactly as if on a deskphone
  • Send and receive SMS messages (optional service)
  • Send and receive fax (if enabled for your company)
  • Access to your user portal
  • Chat with colleagues

The app currently only runs in Google Chrome, and can be installed as a Progressive Web App.

In your Chrome browser, enter

Login using your user and password  .  The user is always in the format extension@company   (for example 202@yourcompany ).  You should have received a welcome email with instructions on how to setup your password.

The front page  shows the options.  Clicking on the user icon in the top left gives access to settings for the microphone and speakers.   “New Call” or dialpad icon open the dialpad.

Installing the Progressive Web App

Installing the web app will improve your experience, and make accessing the app directly when a call comes in simpler.  Just click on the App in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to access the app.