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UC – Contacts and Phone Directory

There are two groups of contacts accessible to users:

  • User specific contacts that are entered and visible for just one user:  These can be entered by the user in their user portal.  You are also able to edit and remove the shared contacts.  (The edits are only visible to the user.  Deleted contacts are removed from the shared contacts).
  • Shared contacts accessible to all users in your system:  These can be entered by your office system administrator.

You will be able to see the combined list of specific and shared contacts in the Directory on your deskphone (“Remote Phone Book”), and in the ConnectUC App contacts.

Managing User Specific Contacts
  1. You will need to login to your user portal
  2. Select the Contacts Icon
  3. You will see the contacts listed:
    1. Shared contacts have the icon .  If you edit a shared contact, it will become a user specific contact, only be visible to you.  You should not delete shared contacts
    2. Your user specific contacts can be edited or deleted
  4. Importing contacts:  You are able to import contacts from a .csv file created in excel using this template
    1. Given name – First name
    2. Family name
    3. Phone 1 – Type:  Must be Mobile, Work or Home
    4. Phone 1 – Value:  Number
Do not add any columns or rows above the header.  The column names must not be changed.  Save the file in .csv format. You can then import the file as below.
Dialing from the Phone Directory

Your Yealink phone will automatically start searching the directory when you start dialing.  It will search the directory and call history by name and number.

For example, if you enter 23 (ABC-DEF on the keypad),  the phone will pull up matching entries.  For example, would display any numbers starting with or containing 23, as well as names containing AD, BE, CE.  You can then use the arrow keys to find the correct entry.

Viewing your Phone Directory

From your phone, Directory -> 1 Remote Phone Book [enter] or press 1

Select 1 Company directory [enter] or press 1.
If you have made changes to your contacts, you may need to Synchronise the contacts with this directory by selecting [Update].