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UC New Users – Setting up Voicemail By Phone

Welcome to the Prodosec Unified Communication Platform!

The first thing to do is to setup your voicemail.  In this article, we will cover how to do this by dialing in and entering your PIN number.

Once your account is set up, you will receive a welcome email, with instructions on how to setup your PIN.

You can access the voicemail system:

  1. By dialing 5000 from any phone in your office, enter your extension followed by #, and then the PIN followed by #.=
  2. By dialing 5001 from your own phone.  You will just need to enter the PIN followed by #.
  3. By pressing the “Message” button on your phone
  4. By calling your extension from anywhere.  When you hear the outgoing message playing, press * and you will be asked for your PIN.
  5. Your system administrator may also setup a method to call an external number

Changing Your PIN

  • Option 5-> Option 1

Note:  You will not be able to set the PIN to a sequence that can easily be guessed such as 1111,2222,1234


Recording Your name

Your name is used in the voice directory.

  • Option 5 -> Option 2

Record your Greeting

  • Option 6 -> Option 1 to record your greeting

Listening to Messages

We normally set up new users to receive messages by email, and to delete the messages after the email is sent.  However, some users like to be able to dial in and pick up messages.  if you would like this option, please contact

To pick up voicemail messages:

Option 1 will start playing new messages.  When playing the message, options:

  • 1 – Save
  • 2 – Replay
  • 3 – Forward
  • 4 – Delete
  • 5 – Skip
  • 6 – Reply (internal callers only)
  • 7 – Rewind
  • 8 – Pause
  • 9 – Forward 15 seconds

All Voicemail Options