Algo 8180 Paging Unit




The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter is a   network audio device for loud ring and voice paging applications . The unitt can be configured with 2 extension numbers.  One extension will play an audio file from internal memory when called, typically set to ring at the same time as  a phone in a warehouse area. The second extension will auto-answer for voice paging, complete with two-way talkback.

Equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and tuned high quality loud speaker, the 8180 is typically eight times louder than a telephone speaker.  Several audio files are pre-loaded into the 8180 internal memory for ring sounds but users may also record or upload custom audio files, music, sound effects, or voice announcements.

The advanced features of the 8180 include SoundSure™ technology which automatically adjusts loud ring and paging volume to compensate for background ambient noise. Ideal for variable noise environments (restaurants, workshops, classrooms, etc.), SoundSure™ ensures that ringing or paging is always heard but not unnecessarily loud.

Outputs for external speaker, slave amplifier, or visual alerter plus multicasting capability enable many more options to enhance notification and alert capabilities.

The unit is powered by a POE (power over ethernet) switch