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UC Call Recording

Your system administrator can activate call recording.

Call Recording Configuration

  1. Record all calls can be setup in 3 ways. :
    1. By call queue:  All calls that pass through a call queue will be recorded, irrespective of the user and phone settings
    2. By user:  All calls that pass through a user will be recorded.
    3. By device:  All calls to a specific device will be recorded.
  2. On demand call recording:
    1. During a call, start call recording with *80
    2. Stop call recording with *81  (cannot be restarted after stopping on same call)

If call recording is setup for all calls, the recording can be paused and restarted during a call.  To pause, dial *82 during the call.  To restart, dial *83.  Recording will resume after 1 minute, even if *83 is not dialed.

If a call is transferred from a user to an external number, that call would not be recorded.

You should be aware of some regulatory considerations regarding use of call recording in Canada.

Listening to Recorded Calls

Calls will normally be saved for 4 weeks.  Contact support if you need to retain calls for longer in the portal.

Sometimes, it can take a couple of minutes for the call recording icons to appear next to a call.  You can refresh the reporting list by clicking on

Users can see their call recordings in the Reporting tab of their user portal.  The play and download icons will show if a recording exists.  During playback, it is possible to adjust the playback speed.

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