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UC – Tips and Tricks

Pickup another Call that is Ringing

Code Feature Description
*35{ext} Extension Pickup – Answer a Call that is ringing at another extension.  For example, *35202 would pick up extension 202 if it is ringing from any phone
*36 Company Pickup – Answer any Call that is ringing within the same company

Transfer During a Call

Code Feature Description
*38 Self Pickup – Moves an active call to another extension owned by the Same User. For example, if you are on a call using your ReachUC app on your cellphone, transfer to your office phone by dialing *38 from your office phone.
*98{ext} Transfer to a 3-digit Extension  For example, during a call, dialing *98202 will transfer the call to extension 202
*99 Transfer to Self.  For example, during a call, dialing *99 will ring other phones used by the same user and transfer when picked up

Calls can also be transferred using the soft keys on your phone.

Special Calling

Code Feature Description
*50{ext} Auto Answer/Intercom .  For example, dialing *50202 will auto answer on the other phone for an intercom call
*67<10 or 11 Digit phone number> To dial External number with hidden callerid (10 or 11 Digit)
7{ext} Call directly to voicemail (3 or 4 digit extension)  For example, 7202 will transfer call to voicemail of 202.  This can also be used when transferring a call.
5000 Unregistered Login to VMail (prompted for acct no and password)
5001 Registered Login to VMail (prompted for password only

Setup Call Forwarding

Login to the portal and setup answering rule

Setup your Voicemail

Login to the portal and setup voicemail

Changing Voice Menu Greetings

How to Use the Mobile App