Yealink Firmware Versions

The following table represents which major firmware revisions we have available for each phone model. v86 is required for cordless headsets. v83 minimum requirement for TLS   Series Model v83 v84 v85 v86 T2 T19 E2 ✓ T21P E2 ✓ T23G ✓ T27G ✓ ✓ ✓ T29G ✓ T3 T30P ✓ ✓ T31P ✓ ✓ […]

UC Office Manager – Call Recording

Call recording is an additional service with a small monthly charge.  Contact for information on pricing.  Calls are normally saved for four weeks. End user information on using and retrieving call recordings can be found in our knowledgebase. Call recording can be enabled for three different scenarios: By call queue: All calls that pass […]

UC Office Manager – Managing Contacts and Directories

There are two groups of contacts accessible to users: User specific contacts that are entered and visible for just one user:  These can be entered by the user in their user portal.  You are also able to edit and remove the shared contacts.  (The edits are only visible to the user.  Deleted contacts are removed […]

UC Routing Users

A routing user is used to combine multiple timeframes to route calls to different destinations.   In theory, it is possible to route calls using the timeframe feature on an auto attendant, but it is very easy to make an error and lose calls.  This is not recommended. By convention, routing users are in the 600-620 […]

UC Office Manager: Getting Started

As the Office Manager for the Unified Communications system, you can administer the system’s day to day needs. Basic Concepts Users:  A user is not just a single extension, unlike most phone systems.  A user does have an extension number assigned, but can have multiple devices.  Users can be given access to a portal, with […]

UC Office Manager – User Scopes

There are various user scopes that can be set. No portal:  No portal access. Simple User:  Access to Messaging, Fax (Billable Option), Contacts and reporting Basic User:  As above + answering rules.  Music on hold and timeframes can be enabled if required. Site Manager:  As office manager, but only access to users in certain site […]

UC Office Manager – Firewall Settings

To ensure that all parts of the system function properly, please make sure that these ports are open on your firewall Protocol Ports TCP 80, 443 TCP 4998 TCP 5060 TCP 7080 TCP 8000-8001 UDP 8889 TCP 9002 UDP 4998 UDP 10000-65535 Alternatively, whitelist all traffic to and from For […]

UC Office Manager – Dialplan

It is recommended to use either 3 or 4 digit extensions.  Results with 2 digits may be unpredictable. With the exception of some specific numbers (eg 411,611) , the users and other items can be numbers almost anywhere, but for consistency, the following is recommended: 100 – 599 Users extensions (Except 311,411) 600 – 630 […]