UC Office Manager Manual

UC Routing Users

A routing user is used to combine multiple timeframes to route calls to different destinations.   In theory, it is possible to route calls using the timeframe feature on an auto attendant, but it is very easy to make an error and lose calls.  This is not recommended.

By convention, routing users are in the 600-620 range (excluding 611).  A routing user utilises the answering rules functionality.  The example below uses three timeframes:

  • During holidays, calls are routed to the holiday auto attendant
  • At certain time, calls will go to a closed menu
  • At all other times (default or always), calls go to a third auto attendant.

The call will work from top to bottom to route a call until a match is found.  You can change the order by dragging the timeframe using the arrows on the left.  The timeframes should go from the most specific (public holidays in this example) through less specific options with always or default last.

Voicemail should be disabled for a routing user.

A routing user can also be used as a hunt list to call multiple users at the same time, and then go to an auto attendant or another user if no answer.  This can replace a call queue for very simple applications.