UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – 10 Inventory: Routing Incoming Phone Numbers

The Inventory tab allows you to manage phone numbers, and phone hardware.

  • Phone Numbers allows you to filter, edit, and export phone numbers.
  • Phone Hardware allows you to filter, add, edit, and export information about phone hardware.

Filtering Phone Numbers

Using the Filter button, you can filter phone numbers

Editing Phone Numbers

  1. To edit phone numbers,click on phone number
  2. Click Save.

Phone Number Edit Settings

Setting Description
Treatment Select a treatment for the phone numbers you want to view. Choices are:

● Available number = an unassigned telephone number.

● User = routes to a specified user.

● Fax = routes to a fax number.

● Conference = routes to a conference bridge specified.

● Call queue = routes to a specified call queue.

● Voicemail = routes to the specified user’s voicemail box.

● Auto Attendant = routes to a specified auto attendant.

Enhanced Voicemail Enhanced voicemail gives the caller to dial another extension before leaving a voicemail.  They will hear the messages “To dial another extension press 1, to leave a voicemail press 2 or simply stay on the line”
Notes Enter optional notes about this phone number.
Caller ID Prefix Enter a prefix to the caller ID for this phone number. Range: up to 64 alphanumeric characters.  This enables recipients to identify which number the caller had dialed.

Exporting Phone Numbers

You can export phone numbers in CSV format, and then open the phone numbers in Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.