UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – Call Park Feature

The call park feature uses a special type of call queue to allow calls to be parked by one user, and be picked up by another.  Typically, a receptionist would answer a call and identify who the caller would like to connect to. The receptionist would then  ‘park’  the call in a parking lot and page users saying that a call for X is parked at a certain location.  The intended recipient would then be able to collect the call by dialing the number of the parking lot.

UC works in a similar manner, but uses the call queue menus.  The parking lots are set as extensions 701-729.

Call Park Locations

Park Location
Ringback Type
701-709 At timeout, caller hears a message asking to press 1 to leave a message or to stay on on the line if want to continue to wait.  Voicemail must be enabled. Set ‘ring for’ to interval between option to press 1.
710-720 No timeout. Set ‘ring for’  to the maximum (7200 secs).  Voicemail disabled.
721-729 At timeout, caller will ring back on the extension that parked the call.  Voicemail disabled

There are two types of parking locations:

  • Directed – This is the call parking feature where the person that performs the park simply transfers the caller to a specific extension in the call parking lot.
  • Dynamic – In this scenario, the person that performs the park can dial ***  and the system will transfer the caller to any available parking extension in the 701-709 range (the user parking the call does not need to know the location of the parking extension). After receiving ‘***’, the system will announce the parking location before hanging up.

Creating the Call Park

Call Parks are created using the Queue menu.  Select “Add Call Queue from the top right.

  1. Name – can be any word that is descriptive of the purpose.
  2. Extension – For Call Park location, the queue extension MUST be between 700 and 729 (See Ringback setting above to select which number to use). This number range is reserved for Directed Call Park locations in the system.
  3. Type – Select Call Park from the drop-down box.

Set Call Park User’s Ring Timeout 

You will now see the Call Park created as a user (don’t forget to uncheck the “Hide System Users” to see the system users)

Open the user for the call park created.

  • Make sure Voicemail is NOT enabled. If Voicemail is enabled, parked callers will hear an option to leave a Voicemail at intervals that match the “Ring for” value if locations 701-709.
  • For Call Parks on the 710 – 719 range, we recommend setting “Ring for” to the highest possible number, 7200 by default,.
  • For Call parks on the 720 – 729 range, “Ring for” decides how long the caller will stay parked before the caller is returned to the person who parked the call.

Configuring a Call Park Key on A Yealink Phone

On the phone, configure a button as a Park Key , with the number of the parking lot.

Park a Call

  • When a key is configured on the phone, press the Park7xx key to park in that space.  The key LED will go from green to red.  The caller will hear music on hold.
  • Where there is not a park key programmed, during the call dial *7xx to park in a specific parking space
  • To park dynamically in any available space 701-709,   dial *** during the call.  You will hear the space where the call has been parked

Retrieving a Parked Call

  • If there is a programmed park key on the phone, press the key associated with the parking space.  It will have the red LED
  • Any phone call also dial 7xx to pick up the call.