UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – Timeframe Override Toggle

The Time Frame Toggle feature can be enabled on the phone, enabling individual users to manage the active timeframe used in their answering rules. The phone button will show as a green when the answering rule is enabled, and red when the answering rule is disabled.

It is not currently possible to use this feature with Routing Users or secondary extensions. A user will only be able to toggle their own answering rules for the primary extension on the phone.

Example Usage

The support manager works regular business hours (9am-5pm).  When in the office, she want to calls to come in to her desk phone.  At other times, she wants calls to go to the support ring group.

It is 4pm, so we can see that the ‘Business Hours’ time frame is active in the portal, and the Time Frame toggle button LED is green in the phone..

The user needs to leave early, so want the calls to go to the support group.  Pressing the Time Frame Toggle button de-activates the time frame.  A message is played saying “Time frame is disabled”, and the LED for the button goes to red.  We can see in the portal that the business hours time frame is disabled, even though it is 4pm.  The calls will go to the support ring group.

The time frame will remain disabled until either the toggle key is pressed again, or it is enabled in the portal.

Configuring the Time Frame Toggle

the user must have multiple answering rules set up under their user account. The account must be the primary line on the phone.  The time frame should generally be the first one in the answering rule, and only affects the single user.

For this example, we will be toggling the ‘Business Hours’ Time frame on User 220.

Using the button builder option, configure a DSS Key (Yealink)  as ‘Timeframe Toggle’


Once selected, you can Enter the name of a timeframe that belongs to this user; the field should autofill once you start to type.

Save and resync.

Using the Timeframe Toggle

Once the configuration is synced with the phone, the phone will show a green BLF button when enabled.

When pressing the ‘Day Night’ button, a recording will play that says “Timeframe is disabled,” and the button will turn Red. The status will also be reflected in the portal.

Pressing the ‘Day Night’ button again will result in a recording that says “Timeframe is enabled,” and the button will turn Green.