UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – Call Recording

Call recording is an additional service with a small monthly charge.  Contact sales@prodosec.com for information on pricing.  Calls are normally saved for four weeks.

End user information on using and retrieving call recordings can be found in our knowledgebase.

Call recording can be enabled for three different scenarios:

  1. By call queue: All calls that pass through a call queue will be recorded, irrespective of the user and device settings
  2. By user: All calls that pass through a user will be recorded.  (Note:  queue calls do not pass through a user, but are routed to devices)
  3. By device: All calls to a specific device will be recorded.

Enabling call recording

By queue

By user

By Device (User -> Phones tab)

On demand call recording

During a call, start call recording with *80
Stop call recording with *81 (cannot be restarted after stopping on same call)