UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – 1 Login

The Manager Portal is a web interface that you will use in order to manage your organization, manage your account, and communicate with others.

  • Accessing the Manager Portal
    • Enter  uc.prodosec.com   in your browser

    • Your login is in the format extension@company
    • The password will be supplied by technical support, or in a welcome email
  • Homepage Layout
    • The Homepage consist of your application selection at the top and widgets that display information regarding the domains activity
    • The Call Graph widget as seen in figure 2.3.1 gives a visual representation the Call Graph allows you to visually graph the number of calls by:
      • Peak active calls: The number of concurrent calls places at one time.
      • Call volume:  Includes answered calls, abandoned calls, forwards, and voicemail.
      • Total minutes: The total number of minutes your company has used.

Current Active Calls

    • The Current Active Call widget displays all current calls your organization currently has connected. Displayed with the caller ID phone number and name of the person placing the call. The number they dialed. The application the call is being sent to such as user, Auto Attendant, voicemail, etc. Followed by the duration of the connected call.
  • Account Levels
    • As an office manager your account has 2 levels, the Organization level and your account level as  a user.
      • Organisation / Domain LevelThis is where you are taken after you login to the manager portal. This level is where you can make changes and see overview for the entire office.
      • Account Level:The ‘My Account’  level will allow you to manage your extension settings and see your specific Call History, Music on Hold, and set your answering rules as seen below.
    • When in ‘Manage Organisation’ mode, clicking on your name and extension number on the Account level will move to Account Level.

    • When in ‘Account Level’ mode, clicking on “Manage Organization” button at the top  takes you back to the organization level of the manager portal.