UC Office Manager Manual

UC Office Manager – 3 User Profile

Users are the extensions on your system. This covers how to add, edit, and import users to the system. System users are users associated with queues, auto attendants, and other system features.

Displaying the Users Page

All user tasks are performed from the Users page. To display this page, click the Users icon on the menu bar:

A search field at the top-left of the page allows you to search users by entering their name, extension, or department, and then click the magnifying glass icon:

To sort users by name, extension, or department, click a blue column header. The arrow next to column header shows whether the items are sorted in ascending (up arrow) or descending (down arrow) order.

The button at the top-right side of the page refreshes the information on the page.

The bottom-left side of the page has controls to display the next or previous page. The bottom-right side has controls to hide system users and select the number of users shown per page.


Adding Users

  1. From the Users page, click the Add User button. An Add a User pop-up window similar to the following appears. (The options in your window might differ from the ones shown below.)


Setting Description
First Name Enter the user’s first name. The dial-by-name directory can match on this field, but will by default match Last Name.
Last Name Enter the user’s last name. The dial-by-name directory can match on this field.
Extension Enter the user’s extension.
Department Enter the department to which the user belongs.
Email Address(es) Enter the user’s address used for email, password resets, etc. To add email addresses, click the green plus icon.
User’s Scope Select the user’s access level. Choices are the following (your selections might be different):

● No Portal

● Basic user

● Simple user

● Office manager

● Call center agent (requires feature enabled)

● Call center supervisor (requires feature enabled)

For more details, see article on user scopes

Callerid Select the callerid number.  Only a number allocated to your company can be used.  The callerid name can be up to 16 characters.

Do not change the 911 callerid

Enable Voicemail Enable or disable Voicemail.
Add Phone Extension This setting allows you to add a phone extension. Phone extensions allow users to be associated with a phone. A user can have one or more phone extensions. For example, user 111 could have three phones designated as 111, 111a, and 111b. If you check this check box, you can then associate a phone to the user .  By default, the Reachuc mobile app will take the suffix m eg 111m

Choices are:

● Checked = add phone extension.

● Not checked = do not add phone extension.

NOTE:  Checking this box will mean that the user is billable.  Users that have a phone extension are always billable.

New Password The password is optional at this stage.  Without a password, the user cannot be sent a welcome email with instructions on how to set their own password.  If you do set a password here, the minimum length is 8 characters, minimum of 1 capital letter(s), minimum of 1 number(s).
Confirm New Password Enter a new numeric login password for the user. For security, each typed password character is masked by a dot ( ● ).

Editing Users

From the Users page, either:
– Click a name
– Hover over a user name, click the icon at the far right of the Users page, and then click Profile.

Configuring the User Profile

To configure the profile for the selected user, complete the fields in the Profile tab, and then click Save.


Some options not available at the Add User stage can be entered, as well as editing the existing fields.

Setting Description
Timezone Enter the user’s time zone.
Record User’s Calls Select whether the calls for this user will be recorded (Yes) or not recorded (No).  NOTE:  There is an additional per user charge for call recording.  See call recording for details
Directory Options Enables or disables announce in auto directory and list in directory features.

● Announce in Audio directory = check to include the user in the dial-by-name directory.

● List in Directory = check to add user to the internal extensions list (contacts).

Caller ID Information
Area Code This is the area code associated with the user.  [This does not appear to serve any purpose]
911 Caller ID Caller ID number sent when calling 911. This may be different than your regular caller ID.
Change Passwords

See Managing Voicemail article for details on setting up voicemail